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'''Shimer College''' (pronounced ) is an American Great Books college in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1853 as the Mt. Carroll Seminary in Mount Carroll, Illinois, the school became affiliated with the University of Chicago and was renamed the Frances Shimer Academy in 1896. It was renamed Shimer College in 1950, when it began offering a four-year curriculum based on the Robert Maynard Hutchins|Hutchins Plan of the University of Chicago. Although the University of Chicago parted with Shimer (and the Hutchins Plan) in 1958, Shimer has continued to use a version of that curriculum. The college left Mount Carroll for Waukegan, Illinois|Waukegan in 1978, moving to Chicago in 2006. Its academic program is based on a Shimer College Core Program|core curriculum of sixteen required courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. All courses are small seminars with no more than twelve students, and are based on original...
Established{{start date |1853}}
Former namesMount Carroll Seminary, Frances Shimer Academy, Frances Shimer Junior College
TypeSmall, four-year, Great Books, Undergraduate education|undergraduate, Liberal arts colleges in the United States|liberal arts{{cite web | title = Shimer College | work = Carnegie Classifications | publisher = The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching | url = | accessdate = 2010-07-06}}
CountryUnited States
Students97 (2014)
Faculty12 (2014)
CampusUrban area|Urban
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